Scholarship Fund


The Ronald Clarkson Scholarship Fund

Early in 1991, Brother Herbert C. Archdeacon, P.M. and Brother William J. Greet met to discuss the details of what would be necessary to start a Concordia Lodge Scholarship Fund, how it should be funded, sponsorship, eligibility requirements and an appropriate name for the Fund.

The intentions that brothers Archdeacon and Greet had, was to donate “Seed Moneys” and encourage other members to contribute to the fund. This fund would grow, generate income and the income derived from the “Seed Money” and other contributions would be used for scholarships for Lodge Members and their families.

It was initially decided to name the fund after a deceased Past Master who was an educator. The by-laws, awards, eligibility, fund managers and Scholarship committee were discussed and a resolution was initiated.

Brother Ronald Clarkson became aware of the plan and asked if he could make a contribution. It soon became apparent that brother Clarkson wanted to leave a sizable portion of his estate to this fund and a decision was made to rename this fund in honor of his name. Hence, the “Ronald Clarkson Scholarship Fund” was named but not yet established.

Brother Ronald Clarkson died on December 25, 1991 and the “Ronald Clarkson Scholarship Fund” was established early in 1992 under the terms of his Will and the Resolution and unanimous vote of Concordia Lodge.

The Scholarship Committee, named annually by the Lodge Master granted it’s first awards at a Stated Meeting, early in 1992. This has continued annually since 1992 and as a result of Brother Ronald Clarkson’s foresight and generosity, Concordia Lodge members and their families will have received close to $175,000 in educational grants derived from the income generated from this fund.