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Masonic Temple in Jenkintown

Becoming a Freemason:

Originally to become a Pennsylvania Freemason you had to be willing to join of your own free will and accord; however, today we allow members to selectively invite men of good character and be a good credit to our Fraternity.

This does not mean you should wait to be invited to join our great lodge and be part of one of the greatest fraternities!

To begin the process we recommend that you fill out a simple petition for membership. To join Concordia Lodge No. 67, F. & A.M., you need to fill out the following petition and have two recommenders to join our lodge.

Should you have any questions about membership into our great lodge and how to be part of Freemasonry please contact one of our many members. More information on contacting us can be found on our Contact page.

Petitions from the Pennsylvania Grand Lodge:

Important Notice: The Pennsylvania Grand Lodge has updated their petitions for 2018. Please find the updated petitions below.